How to Get Your Copy of Buttersmiths’ Gold Signed on Launch Day – May 2nd.

May 2nd is almost here. I want to make it special. Readers are always asking me “How can I get a signed copy?” So now I have an idea. On Thursday May 2nd, when you order your copy of The Buttersmiths’ Gold from Amazon, you’ll see a screen that look like this:


Step 1: Share on facebook. This posts to your wall, or to a friend’s wall that you bought the book and tells them how cool you are and that you can’t wait to read it! You can tweet it too!


Step 2: click the email button to share via e-mail.

AmazonOrderThankYouStep02Step 3: Address the email to (that’s my website). Then put the name of the person the book is for (you or someone you would like to give it to). Then put your street address there, so I can mail you your signed book plate (it’s like a sticker) to put inside your book!

AmazonOrderThankYouStep03Step 4. Click “Send e-mail” to send me the email, and you’re all done! Give me a few weeks to get your bookplate to you, since my wrist is going to be tired with all that signing. Also, only in the USA, since I can’t mail out to China and stuff.

Remember, this offer only applies to books bought on Thursday, May 2nd, so be sure to make your purchase and send the email that day. The same goes for any purchases of Evertaster made on May 2nd. I’ll send you autographs for those too!

If you haven’t, come join the facebook event for a live stream from the author and an online party!

 ORDER ON AMAZON TODAY!buyFromAmazon_03 (2)