The Most Exciting Thing You’ll Do This Summer

Summertime for me is magical. I could write a whole book about it. Heck, maybe I will. But for now, I just wanted to share some of my summertime favorites with you. You see, there was this pond in Utah that I used to visit every summer in college. I borrowed a friends bike — not sure if we told her what we were using it for. This is what we did:

That wasn’t my video. A couple years later some cool guys (one named DevinSupertramp) went and filmed it. The trick was you had to attach a milk jug to the bike so it didn’t sink to the bottom. Our milk jug broke free and blub blub. The bike was gone. So I started diving. Luckily, I found a pedal on the first try, and hauled it back to shore. When we got it out of the water, we realized it wasn’t our bike. Somebody else lost theirs too. Back I went, and boom! I grabbed hold of another pedal on my second dive. I hauled that one back to shore and sure enough — not our bike. I pulled no fewer than 5 bikes out of the pond that day. So I shared. I gave them away to all the pond jumpers who hadn’t brought their own. Eventually I found our bike, and it was happily returned to its owner. If you happened to be 1 of 5, or maybe 80 who lost their bike to the pond circa year 2001, and you borrowed it from a friend, comfort that friend with knowing their lost bike lived well, and rides on in another pair of hands.

83453420 640 The Most Exciting Thing Youll Do This Summer

What do I do now for summer fun? Loads of things. But one of them is sign books at Costco all over Utah. If you want to hang out and come get a signed copy of FETCH or Evertaster, here’s where I’ll be:

  • Tuesday, July 8th. 11-2pm SANDY, UT Costco
  • Wednesday, July 9th. 11-2pm SPANISH FORK, UT Costco
  • Tuesday, July 15th. 11-2pm OGDEN, UT Costco
  • Wednesday, July 16th. 11-2pm BOUNTIFUL, UT Costco
  • Thursday, July 17th. 11-2pm LEHI, UT Costco
  • Friday, July 18st. 11-2pm WEST VALLEY, UT Costco
  • Saturday, July 19th. 11-2pm SANDY, UT Costco
  • Monday, July 21st. 11-4pm MURRAY, UT Costco
  • Tuesday, July 22nd. 11-2pm BOUNTIFUL, UT Costco
  • Wednesday, July 23rd. 11-2pm OGDEN, UT Costco

Plus, if you whisper the magic word “biplane” I’ll give you a bonus FETCH poster. If you’re not in Utah, or can’t make it, go to your local bookstore or try Amazon. There are some killer deals out there right now. Just click here.

Now, there’s one more thing I’d love to do this summer. Tell me in the comments below if you’d do it too. Look!

FETCH is here!

Well, I didn’t sleep much last night. My book is about to get released into the wild. (I wonder if Edwin’s this nervous). Luckily, my Kickstarter friends got copies and have enjoyed them so far, so that really gives you a boost. It’s not that I didn’t think Fetch was great. I always loved it and I think it’s beautiful. Every time I read it I think – there’s not one thing I’d change about this book. It’s just… you wait to for it to finally be revealed so you can hear what people think.

Page1314 03 FETCH is here!

The action scene. Can you hear Indiana Jones and the Raiders’ March by John Williams playing? Me too.

So far so good. We’ve had some great 5-star Amazon ratings, and people have been posting all over facebook about it. I’m having a good day. If you haven’t yet, go get your copy. You won’t regret it. Click here.

buyFromAmazon small FETCH is here!

Or, if you want to get the special BONUS Poster or Tshirt, go here. Thanks for reading my friends!

Fetch Launches May 15th

I started thinking about FETCH more than 2 years ago. In my head it was an animated movie — full of major settings and complex characters. But first I had to get it down on paper. It needed to start as a picture book.

Then, thanks to the amazing support of friends and readers, Fetch got its start on Kickstarter. After that, the hard creative work began.

 Fetch Launches May 15th1000′s of design decisions. Should the title go in the center? What font? Scale this page? Use white space? Edwin and I made those together.

100′s of story decisions. Does that picture communicate the idea or is it in the wrong place? Should  we spread out the illustrations over more pages?

Not to mention the logistical questions: 32 pages or 46? What size? Can we even afford this?

Working with Edwin Rhemrev was awesome. He came through in a big way.

And now magical things have started to happen. My distributors love this book. They’re going to shop it around to Costco, B&N, Indie stores, and take it to Book Expo America. It’s going to be in stores and on Amazon.

10273529 10152104283365098 3970253346964942573 n Fetch Launches May 15th

So get ready to get a copy of your own. We’re going to be offering some special celebration gifts to you at stores and on Amazon. Here’s one where you can get a FETCH poster and a FETCH T-shirt for ordering on launch day. Check it out.

LaunchDayPrize1 Fetch Launches May 15th


Going to Comic-Con Again

It seems like Salt Lake City didn’t get enough Comic Con back in September, so they’re hosting something called the FanXperience. Which means I get to go again. I’m kind of excited because the Doctor’s most loyal and best (not up for debate) companion will be there.

1920 Karen Gillan comiccon Going to Comic Con Again

As well as that scoundrel and knave of Bespin, Lando Calrissian.

1920 Billy Dee Williams c comiccon Going to Comic Con Again

If you happen to be there, I’ll be on a couple panels talking about writing and making VFX for movies. I even get to do a solo performance. Here’s the schedule:

Thursday 3pm: Putting the Movie in Your Head on Paper (this one’s all me).

Thursday 6pm:  Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction: Its Appeal to All Ages

Friday 6pm: The Power of Imagination: Writing for Kids and Kids at Heart in Today’s Market

Friday 8pm: The Hero’s Shadow: Writing Great Villains

Saturday 1pm: Writing Children’s Books

Saturday 3pm: VFX & Animation: An Inside Look at the Magic of Avatar, X-Men, Pacific Rim, Ender’s Game, & More

Saturday 5pm: Writing Fantasy for Young Adults & Middle Grade Audiences

So come say HI. Come heckle me. Or ask some questions that we’ll prearrange smart answers to. I’ll post lots of pics to Instagram (@adamglendonsidwell) and Facebook.  Either way, I think this is going to be fun.

Merry Christmas and FETCH artwork updates!

I’ve been trotting back and forth to Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona in the last few weeks, and I’m headed out to Gilbert and Mesa this weekend to sign again at Costco.

I started a monthly giveaway for subscribers to this email list, just to add to the fun. Here are the winners for October, November and December:

Jenny Rae
Grace Song
Krisalee Ridley
They’ve won autographed copies of The Buttersmiths’ Gold. We’ll keep having giveaways each month of different prizes, so stay tuned. If you’d like to be entered to win, sign up to get book updates here:
I wanted to show you a sneak peak of some of the latest art from FETCH. Here’s one of the two page spreads by Edwin Rhemrev. This is the reason I love making picture books for kids:
Page11 12 04 Merry Christmas and FETCH artwork updates!

I think they truly are worth thousands of words! It’s so satisfying to see your words turn into pictures! It looks like FETCH should be done some time this spring (probably April). I’m also in the final revision stages of a book called CHUM that is due to release in the next couple months. I’ll keep you posted about that one too.

bothShirts Merry Christmas and FETCH artwork updates!

There are also now Evertaster and Fetch T-Shirts available for order on my site (left over from the Kickstarter campaign). We have only limited quantities, but if you order today, and we have your size, we can get it to you by Christmas.
Thanks for reading my books. I’ll keep writing them. I hope to see you again sometime soon! Merry Christmas!

What I’m Thankful For: Teachers

I spend a lot of time with kids now that I write children’s books. I see a lot of schools both high and low income; I meet a lot of principals, both weary and enthusiastic; I get to see education with a very broad view. There are so many tireless teachers who give their all for the kids, and you can tell when you meet those professionals that they care. The one I’m most thankful for, though, who had more impact on me than any other is my mom.

My mom was a reading teacher at my school for years before she started teaching kindergarten. Every week during the summer she’d take us to the Stanislaus County Library to check out books. It was there I discovered Encyclopedia Brown, Lloyd Alexander’s Book of Three and Jack London’s adventure stories.

Mom passed on her love of reading to her five kids. Those books became my friends. I still go into that library sometimes, just to see if they still keep my old go-to books on the same shelves where they’ve always been. I wouldn’t want to write if it weren’t for you Mom. Thanks.

Is Kickstarter the New Way to Publish Books?

I’m riding high right now. Just a few hours ago, my Kickstarter campaign for a book I’ve been working on called FETCH funded 101%. The goal was $22,000, and we got it! Thanks to so many backers (you guys are so great!) who believed in my project, FETCH is going to come to life! Here’s why this is a very good thing: printing books and illustrating books is expensive, and basically Kickstarter gives you a platform for people to pre-order your book before you ever make it.

kickstarterThumb JumpingDog Is Kickstarter the New Way to Publish Books?

In many ways, this is a publisher’s dream. Publishers fret and agonize and cast perfectly awesome books out the window for a single (yet very important) reason: they think it won’t sell. That’s why they’re so wary to take on debut authors. They have no numbers to show how that author’s work will perform.

So what if you had a bunch of pre-orders all ready to go before you even made the book? It would give you the confidence to move forward with the project. Not to mention the capital. Fetch will actually cost more than $22,000 to make. But that seemed like a reasonable goal to hit, and, since Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, setting it higher would increase the risk of coming up with $0.

You have to have written the book though. That you can do for free, and it gives your backers confidence in you when you have things to show them. With Kickstarter you’re making a promise. “Hey, if you pre-order this book, I will make it awesome and give you a copy,” is essentially what you’re saying.

So, for the next 60 hours or so, the campaign is still live. You can still get in on the action and order a copy of FETCH if you like. Come on by, check it out, because sometimes, dreams really do come true.


Comic Con Appearance Schedule

Well guys, I’ve got some good news. I get to appear on a few Salt Lake City Comic Con panels this week. Get to be on writing panels with James Dashner (Maze Runner), Brandon Mull (Fablehaven) and Aaron Johnston (Earth Unaware, Ender Series, writing w Orson Scott Card). Don’t worry, Chewbacca, Batman and Captain Kirk are all going to be there (the real ones!). Oh, and Darth Vader, Superman, and probably some scientists and Pullitzer Prize Winners.

Shatner Comic Con Appearance Schedule

Here’s my schedule. I’d love to see you there:

Thursday, September 5

5:00 – 5:50 p.m.

The Art of Creating Visual Effects in Motion Pictures (Adam Sidwell, Clark Schaffer, Rob Au, Tom Durham, Curtis Hickman, Vincent J. Roth)

Friday, September 6

2:00 – 2:50 pm

Writing Effective Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction: A Conversation on the Craft (Adam Sidwell, David Farland, Heather Ostler, Chad Morris, James Dashner, Brandon Mull, Robison Wells, Jenni  James)

6:00 – 6:50 pm

Young Adult & Middle Grade Fantasy: Keeping it Real (Tracy Hickman, Laura Hickman, James Dashner, Adam Sidwell, Frank Cole, Lisa Mangum, Rebecca Moesta)

Saturday, September 7

4:00 – 4:50 pm

Self-Publishing vs. Small Press vs. Big Publishers: Which is Best? (Tracy Hickman, Howard Tayler, Adam Sidwell, Michaelbrent Collings, Nathan Shumate, Rhiannon Paille)

6:00 – 6:50 pm

Plot-Driven vs. Character-Driven to Writing What You Know vs. Research to Outlining vs. Discovery Writing to Keeping a Writing Schedule vs. Tapping into Creative Energy: What’s an Aspiring Author to do? (Adam Sidwell, Frank Cole, Brad Torgerson, Chad Morris, Lisa Mangum, Aaron Johnston, Jenni James)

25000 TICKETS SOLD 083013 853 Comic Con Appearance Schedule


A FETCH Update

So, thanks to all of you awesome supporters, we’ve come a very long way since last week. It hasn’t even been a week yet, but here’s where we are at (this cool widget keeps us updated on the progress):

The first week or so, it was mostly people I knew who backed the project, now, slowly, names of all sorts of people are showing up on the backer list. This I think is the key: moving out beyond my circle of friends and Evertaster fans into something larger. That’s when momentum gets rolling and the Kickstarter community starts to take more notice — when they see their friends backing projects, it makes someone say “Oh, what’s this?”

So I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has backed so far. If you’d like to share the project, you can go here:

And below the video you can click “<>Embed” to put the widget on your blog, or click the facebook or twitter icon. Thanks everyone for all your support! We’re going to make this happen!