At a fraction of the cost of most assemblies, The ART OF STORY Assembly will bring cheers, amazement, and a new and lasting enthusiasm for reading and writing to students  grades 1st-8th.

_________________________________________________________________________  ”Adam was outstanding. Of course I’ve seen many, many school assembly presentations and attended numerous conferences.  He ranks right up there in the top 2 percent!   He acknowledges and validates the interests and talents of students in the audience, fully captures and engages them as listeners, offers highly effective writing strategies and advice. Teachers will be excited and appreciate Adam, his outstanding ability as a speaker/presenter and his great ideas. He will undoubtedly motivate students to exercise their gifts and talents.

– Mary Ann Sanders, 1992 National Elementary Principal of the Year


For Schools in the Southern California Area, base price for the 45 minute assembly is only $450. Please email for pricing on out-of-area visits. Adam would love to come to your school!

Would you like to earn a FREE ASSEMBLY for you school? There are two ways:

ONE:                                                                                                                             Book “The Art of Story” assembly with 2 more schools (elementary or middle) in your area for the same day.

All 3 schools agree to show the book trailer to the students in class and send home pre-order forms at least three days prior to the assembly.

Link to the Evertaster book trailer:
Download the Pre-Sale Order Form here. (Right click to download)

Email  to make arrangements!


TWO:                                                                                                                                Sell the appropriate amount of books at your school through pre-orders or on the day of the visit.

Students are always extremely enthusiastic to read after our presentation. Many schools earn free assemblies by facilitating the sale of books at their schools. Here’s how it works:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Number of Books Sold: 0 25 50 75 100
Assembly Cost: $450 $375 $275 $175 FREE


Here’s how to succeed with book sales at your school:

Two weeks before assembly:
1. Hang up assembly posters all over the school two weeks in advance.


FlyerToHangInSchools 300x231 Pricing


Download the poster here. (Right click to download)

One week before assembly:
2. Show the book trailer in each of the classrooms and then send home the Pre-Sale Order Form that same day.

Link to the Evertaster book trailer:


Download the Pre-Sale Order Form here. (Right click to download)


Three days before the assembly:
3. Email the book trailer out to all parents as a reminder to send money with their kids. Attach the Pre-Sale Order Form from step 2.

One day before the assembly:
4. Do an All-Call home to parents the day before the assembly as one last reminder to send money with their kids for the book.

Day of the assembly:
5. Set up a table for us to sign and sell Evertaster at lunch in the cafeteria or after school out front on the day of the assembly. Depending on how informed parents are, this usually leads to about 30-40 sales.

Your school can earn a free assembly too!

All day 5 Pillars of Story in-class writing workshops + assembly is $750.

We look forward to meeting you soon and encouraging your students to read!

Email today to schedule your assembly!

One thought on “Pricing

  1. Hi,
    I am curious if you would consider doing a week long event and if you would have a price break available. I represent the Young Authors Fair in Bakersfield, CA. We sponsor a group of authors each year for K-12 presentations. We have had as many as 9 or 10 authors and/or illustrators in the past. It is considered one of the premier events in the United States. We generally have the author visit one school per day giving 3 presentations. We provide the hotel and transportation to and from the sites. We have a get acquainted dinner with the Kern Reading Association Board after the first day’s presentations and a banquet on the last day of school visits. I am just sending this as a query. We sell books at each school, but we have no guarantees regarding book sales. Last year was a financial challenge and I am looking to see if we can cut costs, but maintain or improve the quality of the fair. Would you consider doing visits for $650 per day?
    Randy de Jong
    Teacher Librarian
    South High School
    Young Authors Fair Co-Chair

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