To Tell a Story

For nearly a decade, I’ve spent my life making blockbuster films. It was a long road and many years of hard work to get there, but the lure of telling stories was too strong to resist. I had to work in the movies. A week after graduating college I packed my bags and headed off to Hollywood to work on my first feature as a Technical Director: the film I,Robot. There I was, in Hollywood, making my dreams come true! The work was hard — I spent a year programming systems that enabled the computer generated robot co-stars in I,Robot to come to life. I’d read Isaac Asimov since I was a boy, and now this was in some small way my chance to touch his greatness, to put his vision on the screen, to get as close to his stories as I could. I,Robot was nominated for an Academy Award that year, and there, rolling across the screen with the rest of the credits appeared my name: Adam Glendon Sidwell. I thought that nothing might ever be more satisfying than that. For a time, there wasn’t. The film industry took me to New Zealand to build characters for the Academy Award winning King Kong. It took me to George Lucas’s Industrial Light + Magic to work on zombie pirates for Pirates of the Caribbean. It took me to Los Angeles to build lightwalls and digital characters for TRON: Legacy. It allowed me to work on the upcoming Ender’s Game…

How an Unknown Indie Novelist Became An Amazon Bestseller in a Single Day

My name is Adam Glendon Sidwell, and yesterday I was liberated. On Wednesday, no one knew who i was. I had never published a book before. Only two dozen people in the world had read my work. But by the end of Thursday, somehow my young adult novel Evertaster had risen as high as #51 on the overall Bestseller List on Amazon, surpassing the Amazon rankings of many of the current NYT bestsellers. It rose to #16 overall in Children’s Books, and within its category rose to #1 in Children’s Mystery, settling in nicely right next to John Grisham’s latest novel and the 3rd Percy Jackson Book, which happens to be a NYT Bestseller as well. And the funny thing is, there was no one to do my marketing but me. I tried to publish through the Big Guys for years. I even got an amazing agent interested in my work. There were many wonderful editors at the various houses who championed the story. They fell in love with my characters. They fought for them. But when it came down to the final decision from the Bosses it was always the same. You should write something more like Percy Jackson or John Grisham, they said. “We don’t know how to sell your book.” That’s when I thought: Well I do. Of course it was naivety, to think I could go up against The Publishing Giants. But I had to try. I believed in the story I was telling. I believed…

EVERTASTER Now Available on!

It’s finally here! Today, June 14, marks the much-anticipated release of Adam Glendon Sidwell’s mouthwatering new novel EVERTASTER, and fans everywhere are rushing to to buy EVERTASTER for the exclusive Launch Day price of only $9.99! After today, the paperback price will be $11.99, so act fast and click here to order EVERTASTER now. Make sure to invite your friends to share in this one-day-only discount!

Three more tasty morsels from Evertaster

 “Some have the eyes of an eagle. There are others who can hear a pin drop in a crowded shopping mall. But there are few indeed who can taste the stories of the world with their tongues. You have a gift,” whispered the Master Pastry Chef. “Guster! How many times have I told you not to go into dark secret passages in the middle of ancient cities? See? This is exactly what happens when you disobey your mother!” Mom shouted.     “Hot dogs were like the sweaty vinyl back seat of a station wagon with its windows rolled up in the sun. Frozen burritos were like buttery squirrels infected with the flu.”