Book Sales

A good author visit motivates kids to read, and gives them the opportunity to do so. Here’s how to succeed with book sales at your school:

Two weeks before assembly:
1. Hang up assembly posters all over the school two weeks in advance.

FlyerToHangInSchools 300x231 PricingDownload the poster here. (Right click to download)

2. Show the book trailer in each of the classrooms and then send home the Pre-Sale Order Form that same day.

Link to the Evertaster book trailer:

One week before the assembly:

3. Collect order forms and let your Tour Coordinator approximately how many books to ship to your school. You can continue to collect order forms up to a week after the assembly. Students who pre-order will get autographed, personalized copies.

Three days before the assembly:

4. Email the book trailer out to all parents as a reminder to send money with their kids. Attach the Pre-Sale Order Form from step 2.

One day before the assembly:
5. Do an All-Call home to parents the day before the assembly as one last reminder to send orders in with their kids for the book.

Day of the assembly:
6. Set up a table for to sign and sell books at lunch in the cafeteria or after school out front on the day of the assembly. Depending on how informed parents are, this usually leads to about 30-40 sales.

We look forward to meeting you soon and encouraging your students to read!

Email today to schedule your assembly!

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