FETCH – Good Rewards. How You Can Help Make My Next Book Happen

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Adam Sidwell
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August 22, 2013

I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign for my first picture book, FETCH. It’s the story of where dogs come from.

If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, here’s how it works: you “back” a project for a certain $ amount, and in return, you get some really cool rewards. If we get the full funding amount, we go through with the project and make the book. If we don’t, then the book doesn’t get made and nobody gets charged for their pledge. So the key is that everyone works together to share the project with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc so that we can hit the goal. Think of it more like this — if we get enough book pre-orders, we’ll make the book.

What’s cool about Kickstarter is the rewards. It’s less like a donation and more like you get the chance to pre-order the book or other items. I’ve listed some really valuable rewards on the page, like this:

  • For $10 you can get a digital pdf of the book.
  • For $19 you can get the book (that’s the retail price of the book + shipping).
  • For $63 a print from one of the pages signed by the artist, Edwin Rhemrev.

Some of the higher end rewards are:

  • We do a google chat session together
  • Your name printed in the book
  • Your dog painted into the book.
  • I fly you to Los Angeles and for a helicopter ride and we hang out.

Come see what this book and the rewards are all about!

Come check out the rewards section to see how you can get a copy of Fetch!