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Adam Sidwell
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August 25, 2013

I love being able to use Kickstarter to create Fetch. Making this illustrated book has been a dream project of mine for some time now. I’ve been scheming at it, building it in my head and turning the story this way and that. I was blown away by Edwin’s first finished pages. Now it’s finally happening. When you release a book, there’s kind of a scary feeling like… “What if nobody reads it?” Well, with Kickstarter, we’re able to find out who wants to read the book before we put down the considerable work, time and expense of getting the illustrations finished and the print run done. It’s basically like if we were all in the same room and I asked for a show of hands “Who wants to a copy of the book?” and then when we get enough hands going up, we print it.

The cool thing though is that Kickstarter is not so much asking for donations as it is taking pre-orders. Basically, if you sign up for the $19 reward, you get the book! $25 gets you an autographed copy. And then there are even cooler rewards like getting a big 18 X 24 print of one of the pages of the book, signed by the artist Edwin Rhemrev. That way it’s a fair exchange instead of me just asking for help.

With the way Kickstarter works, the earlier everyone backs the project, the more momentum it gains, and so the better it will do. We’re quite a ways off $-wise, but we can do this. So far, we’re doing pretty good for only being 3 days out:

To back FETCH choose from the rewards, go here:


THANKS to everyone who has supported so far! I am just so happy and flattered that so many people have backed this project and believe in it!