Is Kickstarter the New Way to Publish Books?

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Adam Sidwell
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September 19, 2013

I’m riding high right now. Just a few hours ago, my Kickstarter campaign for a book I’ve been working on called FETCH funded 101%. The goal was $22,000, and we got it! Thanks to so many backers (you guys are so great!) who believed in my project, FETCH is going to come to life! Here’s why this is a very good thing: printing books and illustrating books is expensive, and basically Kickstarter gives you a platform for people to pre-order your book before you ever make it.

In many ways, this is a publisher’s dream. Publishers fret and agonize and cast perfectly awesome books out the window for a single (yet very important) reason: they think it won’t sell. That’s why they’re so wary to take on debut authors. They have no numbers to show how that author’s work will perform.

So what if you had a bunch of pre-orders all ready to go before you even made the book? It would give you the confidence to move forward with the project. Not to mention the capital. Fetch will actually cost more than $22,000 to make. But that seemed like a reasonable goal to hit, and, since Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, setting it higher would increase the risk of coming up with $0.

You have to have written the book though. That you can do for free, and it gives your backers confidence in you when you have things to show them. With Kickstarter you’re making a promise. “Hey, if you pre-order this book, I will make it awesome and give you a copy,” is essentially what you’re saying.

So, for the next 60 hours or so, the campaign is still live. You can still get in on the action and order a copy of FETCH if you like. Come on by, check it out, because sometimes, dreams really do come true.