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Adam Sidwell
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February 26, 2013

Hello everybody. Many of you readers have been asking about the next Evertaster book, while I secretly sit in my castle writing, rubbing my hands with sinister delight, planning and scheming as to how I might just write the story, then bury it underground forever so know one knows what happens next but me! Mwahhahahhaahhahhajustkiddinghahaaha. Throw down the drawbridge! Come inside! Have some Medieval mutton! (watch out for that rat). Now would be a good as time as any to explain my plans for the Evertaster series. Look below:

Basically, there are going to be 3 main books, Evertaster #1 (secretly titled Course of Legends), Evertaster #2 The Delicious City, and Evertaster #3 The Final Season. I know I’m not making this up, because it says as much in the back pages of  Evertaster #1, right before the About the Author page. If you have super keen eyes, you might even have noticed references to those books in The Master Pastry Chef’s library in chapter 3. (If you want to check right now, I’ll keep this blog post warm while you’re gone.) The main story line is plotted out, and I’ve even begun writing the Delicious City. I hope to have that to press this fall.

In the meantime though, since that’s a long time to wait, I had to write a story about these guys:

Remember Torbjorn and Storfjell and joggling the bovines? Well, those two Buttersmiths have a story to tell you.  Guster and the Johnsonvilles aren’t in this one (though they are discussed). It’s a novella (short novel). Consider it Evertaster #1.2. This  story is all about the two Vikings and their legendary past. It’s a story they insisted be told — one that provides secret insights into Guster’s quest. I’m calling it

Evertaster: The Buttersmiths’ Gold

Come like so I can keep you updated. I’ll reveal the cover art there soon!

The best thing about it? Evertaster: The Buttermiths’ Gold is coming out in the next month. In fact, I just sent another round off to the copy editor. So keep your eyes peeled for the launch in the next few weeks!

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