“The best author assembly I’ve seen in years!”
— Kim Roper, Principal, North Point Elementary

The Assembly:  Adam in the News


Author Adam Glendon Sidwell’s Assembly

The Art of Story

From Movies to Books, Adam Shares Why Writing is King




After visiting hundreds of schools, as well as speaking at the California Reading Association, author Adam Glendon Sidwell is excited to share his interactive and motivating assembly with your school.  The Art of Story draws on Adam’s experiences as an animator for blockbuster Hollywood films (TronPirates of the Caribbean, etc), teaches Common Core writing principles such as structure, narrative and theme as well as provides real life writing experiences. The presentation reinforces the diverse educational skills required for students to develop their own stories.

Using rich visuals from blockbuster films students know, Adam engages students and teach Common Core Standards including :

  • Story Structure
  • Moral Dilemma & Character Development
  • Dialog
  • Theme
  • Description & Drawing from Experience
  • Writing for an audience
  • Setting Writing Goals

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“Loved the way [they] incorporated movie clips and book passages into the talk — it really put things into context for the kids. Loved it!”
— Carrie Munroe, Standiford Elementary


“The presentation was excellent, motivated students, and helped re-inforce the importance of writing and the creative process.
— Mitch Wood, Principal at Savage Middle School


In-Class Workshops – The 5 Pillars of Story 


After participating in the 45 min The Art of Story, Adam can also provide an in-class workshop (for grades 3 and up) where they discuss The 5 Pillars of Story, an excercise that reinforces Common Standard writing skills and provides a foundation for students to write their own creative stories.

Evertaster Cover
The students love brainstorming characters, settings, themes and more under Adam’s direction and guidance. It’s the perfect way for them to further absorb and apply the Common Core principals they learned in the Art of Story assembly.



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Evertaster Book Trailer
Click to learn about the Story.  Click to read Reviews.
Workshop Session Video

Evertaster on Amazon

Students ages 8-14 will love the first book in the Evertaster series! Read reviews for Evertaster on Amazon. Hear what people are saying.

Movie Credits

The movies I helped create.

In between books, Adam Glendon Sidwell uses the power of computers to make monsters, robots and zombies come to life for blockbuster movies such as Pirates of the CaribbeanKing KongTransformers and Tron.

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  1. hey OMG i cant belive i met u guys pleasessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss add me on facebook pleasesss im your biggest fan tomorrow at savage i will get your aoutograph im going to buy all of the books pleases add me my fcaebook picture is three guys or it will say i wear pink for my grandama

    1. So awesome to meet you Edwin! I hope you enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy Evertaster! I’m writing a new book in the Evertaster series right now!

    1. Edwin, we’ll be around Modesto signing books again. We’ll update the facebook page with details. Also I’ll be signing Tuesday at Savage School. See you soon!

  2. Guys thank you so much for coming to our school/DanSavage/ I have just decided to become a movie maker and I made a YouTube channel 🙂 Thanks for everything you did you really inspired me Thanks Again!

  3. Omg I had the greatest time when u guys came to savage today I liv books so much u guys made my day thanks a lot bigg fan

  4. :O! Heyyy!!!! You came to my schol 8/21/12 and I got a signed book of Evertaster! 😀 I remember when you guys made Mr. J. eat a cupcake with sardines and sat! LOL XD

  5. Thanks again for an incredible experience at Davis High School. You’ve left a lasting impression on so many students. The feedback was extremely positive. You’ve left them wanting more.

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